Kindergarten: Explosion into Learning

 At SAMS, the kindergarten year marks the end of an important development phase and the beginning of what Maria Montessori called the “explosion into learning.” In their third year at SAMS, kindergarteners experience mastery and control over the skills and concepts they’ve practiced during their two previous primary years. This mastery, along with their position as the oldest students, solidifies the students’ self-esteem and develops their leadership skills.


SAMS full-day kindergarten curriculum includes units that combine language, math, art, science, geography, history and movement in subject specific. A low student/teacher ratio allows highly personalized teaching as students learn about Native American culture, the solar system and more. Students also work on basic academic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic using classic Montessori materials.


**SAMS Kindergarten program is for children who turn 5 no later than November 1 and have attended SAMS or a complimentary program prior to acceptance. This is an absolute cut-off of November 1, meaning children whose birthdays are after November 1 will not be considered for enrollment in the Kindergarten program.***